TPAS Schedule

In April 2019, the I-10 Corridor Coalition was awarded the $6.85 million ATCMTD grant to implement the truck parking availability system. Since that time, the Coalition has been conducting technical coordination among the four member states and preparing for stakeholder engagement opportunities. The TPAS project will be fully deployed and operating within four years from the ATCMTD grant filing date of April 20, 2020 with the tentative deployment date scheduled for June 2023.

Over the four-year deployment of the TPAS project, stakeholder engagement will be conducted to gather information from the trucking community that will assist the Coalition in developing a system that meets the needs of the end users. Outreach efforts will continue with the trucking community to raise awareness of the I-10 TPAS and promote its benefits of safe, reliable, and efficient parking and travel along the I-10 corridor.

Current Activities

Concept of Operations

The I-10 TPAS draft Concept of Operations (ConOps) describes a high-level understanding of a truck parking availability system that collects and disseminates real-time truck parking availability information. The draft ConOps provides guidance on the design of the system and outlines the operations and maintenance requirements for a TPAS system along the I-10 corridor in the Coalition states. It identifies core functions needed for a consistent and seamless TPAS deployment in the Coalition states.

High-Level System Requirements

The high-level system requirements will summarize the proposed functions of the I-10 TPAS needed to meet user needs. Driver and dispatcher needs were identified through stakeholder outreach efforts and were developed and documented in the draft I-10 TPAS ConOps.

System Design

The Coalition states will develop final design plans, technical requirements, and specifications for the deployment of the TPAS system. The design will build upon the input gathered from virtual workshops with the trucking industry, the online I-10 TPAS Truck Driver and Dispatcher Survey, the I-10 TPAS ConOps, and high-level system requirements.

Future Activities


Once final design is complete, the procurement process will begin to engage contractors for the development of system software and construction of the TPAS system. Testing of the installed system will be performed to verify its full function prior to launching in 2023.


Performance monitoring and maintenance of the I-10 TPAS will be conducted and funded by the ATCMTD grant for one year after launch of the system.

TPAS Project Schedule

TPAS Schedule Graphic